Stephen Peña

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Ph.D. candidate in mathematics, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Texas Tech University.

Email: stephen.pena[remove this text]

Research interests: Perturbative quantum field theory in general,  specifically factorization algebras, functorial quantum field theorysupersymmetric field theory,  and other intersections of homotopy theory with mathematical physics.


Academic Advisor: Dmitri Pavlov


Spring 2020: Math 2450-011 (Cal III), MWF 11-11:50,F 10-10:50 in MCOM 075. Syllabus, Webwork, topics list/book recommendations, scanned notes.

Fall 2019: Math 3310 (Intro to Proofs), MWF 12-12:50 in MA 017. Syllabus, notes, extra assigned problems, exam 1, exam 2, final exam.

Spring 2019: Math 1300 (Contemporary Math)

Fall 2018: Math 1300 (Contemporary Math)

Summer 2018: Math 1320 (College Algebra)

Spring 2018: Math 1320 (College Algebra)

Fall 2017: Math 1320 (College Algebra)


Texas Tech Topology & Geometry Seminar: Schedule and Info
Texas Tech Quantum Homotopy Seminar: Schedule and Info
Notes from the "Intro to Quantum Field Theory" seminar series I am giving, taken by Ramiro Ramirez: Notes


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