Stephen Peña

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Ph.D. candidate in mathematics, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Texas Tech University.

Email: stephen.pena[remove this text]

Research interests: Perturbative quantum field theory in general, specifically factorization algebras, functorial quantum field theory, supersymmetric field theory, and other intersections of homotopy theory with mathematical physics.


Academic Advisor: Dmitri Pavlov


Spring 2020: Math 2450-011 (Cal III), MWF 11-11:50,F 10-10:50 in MCOM 075. Syllabus, webwork, topics list/book recommendations, scanned notes, online schedule, twitch, exam 1, exam 2, updated syllabus.

Fall 2019: Math 3310 (Intro to Proofs), MWF 12-12:50 in MA 017. Syllabus, notes, extra assigned problems, exam 1, exam 2, final exam.

Spring 2019: Math 1300 (Contemporary Math)

Fall 2018: Math 1300 (Contemporary Math)

Summer 2018: Math 1320 (College Algebra)

Spring 2018: Math 1320 (College Algebra)

Fall 2017: Math 1320 (College Algebra)


Thoroughly vetted organizations to donate to:

The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES)

The Center for Reproductive Rights

Abolitionist Law Center

American Civil Liberties Union

Campaign Zero

Union of Concerned Scientists

Trans Lifeline

The current Texas senators are John Cornyn (R), whose contact information can be found here, and Ted Cruz (R), who can be contacted here.

The representative for our (Lubbock) congressional district is Jodey Arrington (R), who can be contacted here.


Texas Tech Topology & Geometry Seminar: Schedule and Info
Texas Tech Quantum Homotopy Seminar: Schedule and Info
Notes from the "Intro to Quantum Field Theory" seminar series I am giving, taken by Ramiro Ramirez: Notes


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